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North Avon Teaching School Alliance

Training Offer

We have a huge range of training available to all schools. Please visit our dedicated CPD portal here.

Teachers and TAs read our new edition of the quick read bitesize research newsletter. This edition focuses on exemplification to support explanation.”

What is a ‘teaching school’?

For more information about our teaching school click here.

Existing schools rated either as good or outstanding schools by Ofsted can apply to the Education Skills and Funding Agency to be designated as a ‘Teaching School’ and must undergo an extensive vetting/assessment process to achieve this.

We receive a small annual grant to enable us to build the leadership and administrative capacity to lead the work. Our training programmes are designed to be self-funding.


Specialist Leaders of Education

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) offer support to individuals and teams in similar roles in other schools.

They are experienced leaders who have demonstrated outstanding practice and can draw on specialist knowledge and expertise whilst being flexible in meeting the needs of different schools.

Please contact us at if you would like to apply to be an SLE with us or if you would like to broker the support of an SLE for your school.

Subject Specialist Leaders of Education

Subject Specialists are teaching or non-teaching staff who have expertise in an area such as SEND, data, school finance, attendance or who have expert subject knowledge which could be shared with other schools to support improvement.

They are excellent practitioners in the field who don’t yet meet all the criteria for being a SLE for a reason such as lack of experience in school to school support, they are a non-teaching member of staff, or someone who hasn’t yet been in a leadership role for long enough.

Please contact us at if you would like to apply to be an SLE with us or if you would like to broker the support of an SLE for your school.

What do we offer?

Essentially, it’s about helping schools and other organisations to work together more effectively for the benefit of teachers and students.

Opportunities that we can access are as follows:

  • Working together with even more schools to improve teaching and learning and the school experience for our young people.
  • More teaching training placements and high quality teacher recruitment.
  • Staff becoming Specialist Leaders in Education. Improving and developing our own teaching practices and working more closely with partners to support their work.
  • Wider and more diverse professional development for our staff.
  • Cutting-edge research and innovation projects.

Why the ‘North Avon Teaching School’?

Our Teaching School is a partnership between the Olympus Academy Trust and Castle School Education Trust so we felt that it was better to give it a name that was more about it's geographical reach than either of our two organisations!

Who leads the teaching School?

Victoria Boynton is the Teaching School Director, working closely with senior leaders on all aspects. For enquiries about the teaching school please contact