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Patchway Community College

Patchway Community College was inspected by Ofsted in the first week in October and the inspection team were of the view that the school required Special Measures because it is inadequate in all areas. This is very disappointing.

We are frustrated that an agreement has still not been reached about levels of funding support for Patchway from the Department for Education (DfE) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) in order for Patchway to join The Olympus Academy Trust as we have a proven track record of being able to bring about improvement in a secondary school in challenging circumstances from our support for and sponsorship of Abbeywood Community School from 2011 onwards.

Nonetheless, we must balance the need to provide an excellent education for existing OAT learners with accommodating new schools locally. In essence, it is unfair to our existing (and prospective) students to welcome a new school to the Trust without being absolutely confident that we can deliver the improvements required which is why the funding support from the DfE and EFA is essential.

We hope there will be a swift resolution by the DfE and EFA so that learners and staff at Patchway are able to benefit from joining The Olympus Academy Trust without further delay. Dave Baker, CEO, Olympus Academy Trust

Patchway is a member of The Concorde Partnership and, as such, sends students to be taught for a small number of Key Stage 4 courses and a larger number of Post 16 courses to the other partnership centres (Abbeywood, Bradley Stoke, Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy and South Gloucestershire and Stroud College). It also provides teaching for students from the other centres who travel to Patchway for classes. This shared provision is quality assured through partnership processes. The current arrangements will continue but will be scrutinised and monitored in detail. Any parent/carer who has a particular concern about the current situation should contact us to share concerns and discuss them with a senior member of staff.

Past experience says that an Ofsted inspection that results in Special Measures is a watershed for a school and a rapid improvement trajectory is what will happen next, especially as Ofsted will assign one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors to support and monitor Patchway Community College through its journey to becoming a good school. We are committed to supporting Patchway on this journey, given the partnership arrangements already in place for their students and our students.

Dave Baker

CEO, The Olympus Academy Trust