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Monthly Newsletter July 2017

At the end of the year, it is good to reflect on all that has been achieved. This time last year, we were a Trust of 4 schools preparing to welcome 3 more primary schools and now we are established as a Trust of 7 schools with Patchway Community College set to join us in September and Winterbourne International Academy continuing to receive support from Olympus and Castle School Education Trust for next year.

A level and GCSE results will come out in August but we know already that end of Key Stage 2 SATs results have improved significantly in 4 out of 5 of our primary schools which is good news for all of us.

Our students are all preparing to progress to the next stage in their learning for September and some will be making a transition to primary or secondary school whilst others will be preparing for a transition to university, training or work. We are also saying goodbye to staff in all our schools this week and thank them for all that they have contributed to enhance the lives and learning of many young people, in some cases for years on end in one of our schools.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of violent incidents elsewhere in the country that have challenged our sense of community. I am pleased to be able to share that our schools have had a joint fundraising focus in addition to their own school charity work. At about this time last year, student representatives from a number of our schools met, agreed which local charity they wanted to raise money for and planned fundraising activities for this year. The charity they chose was Children’s Hospice South West and they have managed to raise a total of £1,826.36 across all the schools involved, with one school still to hold an event after the summer holidays. The project was run in conjunction with Edge Church, Patchway, who provided £500 pump-priming money so that schools could purchase resources for fundraising if they needed to before running their events. The £500 has been returned in addition to the £1,826.36 raised. Events and activities have included cake sales, non-uniform days and sponsored events such as a sponsored bouncy castle bounce. This is a great achievement and a reflection of one of our values as a Trust which is focused on collaboration and thinking of others.


There has been a major focus on funding for schools in what I have written at various stages this year. I recently reported the happy news that, as a Trust of 7 schools, we now get allocated money for improvement to school buildings annually without having to go through a bidding process. This has enabled us to plan a significant amount of improvement work for all our schools this summer. In addition, Patchway Community College has been awarded over £4 million from 2 different bids for its buildings and sports facilities. This is good news as there is clearly much to do to improve Patchway’s buildings and facilities to support effective learning as they join Olympus.

More recently, we shared news last month about our successful Teaching School bid. Our plan is to generate income through the programmes we offer over a period of time so that we can invest in training and development for our own staff as this will improve learning and outcomes for our students.

You may have seen announcements in the media this week about more money for education – this can only be good news but it is too early to be able to work out the exact details yet. We will share any information we glean after the summer break. Thank you for your continued support. I will look forward to working with you again in 2017-18 for another year of varied activity focused on success for our students.

With best wishes,

Dave Baker

CEO, The Olympus Academy Trust

@MrDaveBaker         @olympustrust